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Masuria SPA

Finding a good SPA hotel in Masuria is never easy! Yet fear no more! Zalesie Mazury is the best choice for a family relaxation, with plenty of attractions for children. Top quality guaranteed!

Herbal steam bath

Blissful health properties

Finnish sauna

Removes mental and physical fatigue

Jacuzzi bathtubs

Regeneration of muscles, relaxation

Paying a visit soon

The pool zone is awesome – amongst the swimming pool, saunas, everyone finds something for themselves and at the same time, it’s not packed with people! :) You can let your hair down without having to push your way through the crowds. The large Jacuzzi simply beats it all ;) I will pay you a visit soon, I do recommend your facility.

Author SPA treatments Old Polish recipes

Immerse in the richness of our Relaxation Land in Masuria, the wellness zone which shall introduce you into a blissful carelessness and joy. Amongst the palette of our treatments, you’ll surely find something to satisfy your need of care and beauty!
Author SPA treatments

The best FEMI&BABY SPA Spa Prestige Awards 2017

Our facility has been distinguished as the best FEMI&BABY SPA in the Spa Prestige Awards 2017.

The best SPA for slimming

The Zalesie Mazury Active SPA has been named the best SPA for slimming in the Perfect SPA Awards 2016.

The best SPA

Wellness Zone at your disposal

Herbal steam bath

A room originating from the Mediterranean. The so called Roman Baths have an extremely beneficial influence on our health: they widen the blood vessels and improve the blood supply in muscles, through essential oils, they also widen the respiratory tracks. Hot steam is also a salutary treatment of rheumatic diseases and ailments.

The temperature in the steam bath varies from 43°C up to 48°C, whereas the relative humidity level amounts to 100%, duration: approx. 20 min.


A softer version of steam bath. Here, the temperature is much lower and the humidity may amount to 20 – 40 %. For this case, treatments are enriched with natural aromatherapy and colour light therapy. Caldarium is first of all supposed to treat the nervous system.Not only does it improve the mental condition, but it also helps to distance oneself from current troubles.

It’s a soft, yet very effective care for the skin and hair, regenerating and cleansing them deeply, showing a beneficial influence on the respiratory system as well. Caldarium is especially recommended as a prelude before the much hotter sauna.

Caldarium offers you also mud baths. Such a treatment consists of two stages, actually, namely two bath parts as well as a mud compress applied on the body. In the initial phase, the pleasant warm air in the room helps the mud ingredients cleanse the skin and remove toxins quicker.

Finnish sauna

It’s a warmth – therapeutic treatment, and additionally a hygienic – prophylactic procedure. The patient takes a bath in hot air. Having been warmed up within the temperature range of 80-110 °C, the body is cooled down. Such a procedure effectively helps to get rid of the psycho-physical fatigue.

Not only does it work as an excellent immuniser and care factor for the body, but it also serves as a remedy for a whole series of ailments (soothes muscular pains for example) and degenerations disturbing the proper functioning of the organism.

Contrary to popular belief, sauna is not excluded in case of many heart ailments, problems with the respiratory systems, locomotor system organs and skin since it strenghtens the self-defence responses of the organism.


The beneficial influence of warm baths has been known since the ancient times. Already the Romans believed water to be an elixir and source of life, a medicament actually. A bath in our two Jacuzzi tubs is a perfect form of muscular regeneration and a relaxation for your mind.

Warm water in Jacuzzi lowers sensitivity of the nervous system and removes toxins from the organism. Such a bath is also recommended in case of problems with the nervous system, bronchial asthma and hyperirritability. This treatment is the perfect remedy against strained muscles or spinal pains.

As a great majority of us should have known by now, hydro massage is also a wonderful relaxation method, highly effective in case of bad mood.

Infrared sauna

This procedure is a highly effective tool of cardiovascular system conditioning and calorie burning, giving in truth effects similar to those achieved through gym exercises. Since the infrared rays produced by Infrared Thermal Systems penetrate deeply into the skin (approximately 4 cm), the muscular tissues as well internal organs are warmed up.

The body responds to this warmth effects by an increased stroke volume and rate of the heart. Such a response visibly improves the patient’s fitness and condition of the cardiovascular system.

The infrared sauna helps to:

  • Lower the body weight by burning calories
  • Increase the stretchability of tissues
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Loosen joints and muscular cramps.

Sandy relaxation beach

Relaxation all the year around? Of course, in Zalesie, it’s perfectly possible! If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you shall find them here. On comfy deck chairs, placed on a warm Masurian sand, you can forget all what troubles you.

The beach room is – just like the rest of the SPA Relaxation Land – kept in the Warmia and Masuria architectural climate.

Contact us Please agree upon the treatment times with the SPA reception.

The Kraina Relaksu SPA (SPA Relaxation Land), recreational pool and treatment parlours are open every day from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.

T: +48 89 526 08 28
E: spa@zalesiemazury.pl

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26 Oct 21
27 Oct 21
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