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Wolf's Lair - Headquarters of Adolf Hitler

In 1941 - 44, just here, to the east of the village of Gierłoż, located at the edge of the forest, and 8 km from Kętrzyn, there was the Adolf Hitler's Headquarters.

The headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces - Wilhelm Keitel, Chief of Wehrmacht Staff, Alfred Jodl, and head of the NSDAP office, Martin Bormann. Their total floor surface amounted to 250 ha and was initially surrounded by entanglements, and then also by a minefield.

The permanent crew of the Wolf's Lair numbered 2,100-2200 people. Here, on 20 July 1944, Claus von Stauffenberg made the famous, yet unsuccessful attempt on Hitler's life. In 1992, on the next anniversary of the coup, a plaque commemorating the event was ceremonially unveiled here.



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