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Monastery of Old Believers in Wojnowo

In the small town of Wojnowo, followers of four religions have been living in peace for years: Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox and Old Believers. Those mentioned last are also often called Filipons - in honour of a monk Philip from the Wygórze Hermitage. At the end of the village, there is an old female monastery of the Old Believers with a small molenna.

In the main hall of the molenna, there hangs a huge silver chandelier, founded in 1910 by a wealthy merchant mourning the death of his wife. The deceased was 32 years old and just enough candles were placed in the chandelier. The history of the monastery is connected with the nun Eupraxia who placed her nuns there. Saint women did farm work and looked after cripples. After the union with the Orthodox Church, which occurred in 1914, the number of nuns began to decrease. The last of them died in 1972. Currently, you can even live in the former monastery buildings.

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