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Aqua areobic

Water gymnastics is a safe form of physical activity which everyone can practice if they wish, whatever their age and condition are. What’s the secret? During aqua aerobic, the whole osteoarticular system relieved. It’s a variations of corrective gymnastics, originally coming from rehabilitation exercises in the water.

Aqua aerobic allows you to get rid of unneccesary kilogrammes right away! Exercising in water stimulates your metabolism and visibly reduces cellulite. What’s even more important – you don’t need to possess any swimming skills at all. Your feet are constantly safe on the ground.

Dates: information at the reception desk
Duration: 30 min
Trainer: Wojtek
Price: 25 PLN/one class or 160 PLN/Seasonal ticket (8 trainings)
PROMOTION: The ticket includes 30 min pool and wellness extra!
Registration and seasonal tickets, phone: +48 89 514 82 41, mob. +48 606 30 63 44, e-mail. recepcja@zalesiemazury.pl
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